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EDU-Tainment at its finest.. Learn Internet Marketing Strategies by Playing A Videogame!

Who is your customer/How to reach your customer
It all starts with finding out who your perfect customer is. This first module takes you by the hand in exploring and micro-niching your target market. After you’ve recognised your target group you will learn how to communicate your message effectively in order to increase your audience span

How to market and sell to your customer
The second and third modules will teach you how to market and ultimately sell to your micro niche via Facebook Marketing and Sales Video Training

Whats is IM Sensei World?

IM Sensei World is an Internet Marketing Training Portal which includes 8 core modules that will teach you how to become succesful in Internet Marketing. Each module comes with a videogame suited to the subject of that module. By playing this game you will first test yourself if you have understood the training and secondly it will teach you how the customer process cycle works.   Next to these modules we also prodvide additional training and a number of services.

Module 1: Tribe Island is the start of  IM Sensei World and provides hands-on videotraining to get you going immediately. Modules 2-8 are “power-ups” that will increase your experience and strategy arsenal in support of Tribe Island.

Please refer to below links to get a better grasp on before-mentioned modules.

Discover how to stop struggling in Internet Marketing by playing a Videogame.

Core setup training – Module 1:

Tatanka Training Tatanka Training
After this module you can answer the following questions:

  • Who is your perfect customer?
  • How to reach your perfect customer?
  • How to talk to your perfect customer?
  • How to increase your audience.
Facebook Marketing Facebook Marketing
In this module you will learn how to effectively market to your customer on Facebook; getting very low cost per click; learn Facebook PPC and metrics and last but not least learn audience building strategies that work now.
Sales Video Training Sales Video Training
In this module you will learn how easy it is to setup profitable sales videos and sales video sites in a matter of hours. It also teaches you how a proper sales video should be setup to convert every time.


Tatanka Training Tools Tatanka Training Tools
Tatanka Training comes with ready made input sheets that lets you input your research results for every campaign that you run. These sheets can be used over and over
Facebook Marketing Tools Facebook Marketing Tools
Facebook Marketing comes with 20 done-for-you squeeze page templates that you can host on our server. The only thing that you must input is your message, video and autoresponder code
Sales Video Training Tools Sales Video Training Tools
Sales Video Training comes with 20 done-for-you sales video templates, including 20 done-for-you buy-now-buttons AND a sales video script with revealing buttons

Full Video Training Course

IM Sensei World is a full blown video course which takes you by the hand in completing the tasks in order to be succesful. Some videos are long, some are short but provide to the point training on every aspect

First Internet Marketing Videogame

IM Sensei World comes with a videogame, making it the first internet marketing videogame. Playing a game teaches you how to implement the training in a fun and engaging way. The game is build up out of training elements that let you experience how the customer cycle works as well as think of strategies that you can use in your marketing efforts. Each module is represented in the game.

Learn to JV – Form a Tribe and unlock additional bonuses

When you join IM Sensei World and become a part of the community you can choose to form a tribe. A tribe is a mini-mastermind between yourself and max. 2 other members. You can learn from the experience of others as well as become a leader in your field of expertise


Join the community.


Form a tribe and start masterminding, interacting, become accountable for your actions


Make use of the IM Sensei World Server to host your Facebook Apps for Free and compete against other Tribes in the Tribe Olympics for Free access to all the modules of IM Sensei World.

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